A good end of life

Local governments are often considered to be ‘closest to the people’ due to the range of services they provide to the community and the effect those services have on community health and wellbeing.

In collaboration with the City of Albany, we are delivering Compassionate Communities. This is part of the Australian Government’s Greater Choice for At Home Palliative measure, being undertaken by 11 Primary Health Networks (PHNs) nationally.

We are the only PHN to be using a public health approach to achieve our aims of increasing awareness around end of life and empowering people to live and die in the place of their choice. 

This collaboration meant Compassionate Communities principles were included in the City’s 2018-2022 Public Health Plan and End of Life will be a priority area in the planned Age Friendly Charter.

"This approach seeks to empower the community to lead the way in changing behaviours toward those increasing numbers of people who are living longer, healthier lives, and have the right to age well.” – Mayor of Albany, Dennis Wellington.

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