Getting the most from your medication

People with chronic conditions are often prescribed multiple medications, which, if not clearly understood or taken incorrectly, can be less beneficial than required to manage their condition.

Working in partnership with the WA Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, we developed a program to integrate non-dispensing pharmacists into general practice in WA.

Run from October 2017 to March 2019, the program’s outcomes demonstrated the delivery of more efficient and effective care, improved chronic disease management and health outcomes, and enhanced workforce capacity.

Pharmacists consulted with 1,119 patients over 295 hours, potentially saving valuable GP time and allowing them to see more patients. Importantly, patient experience and knowledge of their medications also improved.

Following completion of the program, three out of the six participating practices have gone on to employ their own non-dispensing pharmacists.

"After talking with the practice pharmacist, I have a better understanding of why I am taking my medications." - 100% of patients agreed

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