Kick starting conversations about alcohol and other drugs

Typically, conversations about alcohol and other drug (AoD) use can be difficult for primary care practitioners to initiate. Treating AoD in Primary Care (TADPole) is a program that gives GPs and other health professionals the knowledge, confidence and tools to talk with their patients.

It involves education activities covering general and specific AOD topics and skills-based techniques delivered in face-to-face education sessions, short video lectures and webinars.

"This was an amazing presentation. I’m so grateful for the expertise, information and quality of the speaker’s presentation and experience today.” - GP participant

Using GPs to deliver the education created an immediate connection for participants and using presenters from local AoD services provided specialist education together with increased awareness of, and connection to, available services.

Introducing general practice based small group sessions was extremely successful in engaging further on priority topics.

In the 12-month period, 24 education sessions were conducted with a total of 196 attendees (including 152 GPs). Of these:

  • 100% reported the learning objectives and their learning needs were met (80% entirely met and 20% partially met).
  • 100% reported the education activities were relevant to their practice (88% entirely relevant and 12% partially relevant).

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