Pride a catalyst for LGBTI friendly health services

Our staff proudly wearing rainbow lanyards to show their respect for LGBTI people

Our staff designed a survey aimed at engaging with LGBTI communities to help inform health service planning and ensure that health services are safe, welcoming and inclusive of the needs of LGBTI people.  

We received over 200 responses at Fair day and online. Overall, the responses indicated that LGBTI health consumers want to be treated as ‘substantively equal’ to their heterosexual counterparts and that they seek health providers who are inclusive, non-judgemental and well-informed about issues related to LGBTI health. The resulting report was published on our public Pride in Primary Care page on Primary Health Exchange.

The report was the catalyst for two further activities, being sharing information on ways that organisations can demonstrate LGBTI inclusivity with our Regional Clinical Committee members and developing a survey to establish general practice training needs with a view to creating WA specific LGBTI training for general practice staff.

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