People & Culture

The key to achieving success lies with our people, who are our most important asset.

Our people and culture mission is to provide an environment that helps employees feel connected to their workplace, where they have a sense of purpose and fun in their day to day work, and where they can play their part in delivering better health, together.

We do this by attracting, recruiting and retaining talented employees, building their capability and supporting their career development in an environment where employees feel motivated and supported to achieve their best.

Key Activities

  • Running a staff led organisational cultural development program that embeds our organisational values of integrity, humility, courage, wisdom and respect.
  • Introducing a 12-month staff communication development program that utilises humour as a vehicle for transferring knowledge.
  • Implementing a learning and development strategy to build workforce capability.

Key Achievements

  • Achieved 61.5% staff engagement via the Best Practice Benchmarking Study, which equates to a ‘culture of success’.
  • Created and implemented a learning and development strategy and two Learning Management Systems.
  • Achieved 88% staff participation rate in our culture survey, with 18 out of 23 questions being above the benchmarking norm reflecting how we put our values into action.
  • Implemented a Health and Wellbeing strategy.
  • Encouraged leadership development through supporting line managers to participate in the Leadership Success program.

Rainbow Tick

In 2018, we began our journey towards achieving Rainbow Tick accreditation, which involves meeting the six national standards of LGBTI inclusive practice.

Given our vision of equitable health outcomes for all Western Australians, WA Primary Health Alliance has an important leadership role to advocate for safe, inclusive and culturally appropriate services for LGBTI people.

This reflects our genuine commitment to promoting LGBTI pride, diversity and inclusion within the organisation and within the primary and social care sector and contributes to achieving our vision of equitable health outcomes for all Western Australians.

Our Priorities

  • To achieve accreditation and embed LGBTI-inclusive practice within our organisational practices, policies and workplace systems.
  • To support LGBTI people to have better health and wellbeing outcomes, and to improve their access to and experience of primary care.


The following achievements would not have been possible without the commitment of our Board and Executive team, the collective effort of the Rainbow Tick Steering Group and the support of all staff in various ways across the past year.

  • Addressed significant gaps in policies and practice identified during a review of LGBTI inclusivity within the organisation.
  • Provided staff with training to support a shared understanding of LGBTI history, language and health needs.
  • Became a member of the ACON Welcome Here Project, a national initiative that enables businesses to register their organisation as a safe place for LGBTI people.
  • Sponsored Pridefest and marched in the 2018 Pride Parade.
  • Forged relationships with LGBTI community and service organisations, such as Trans Folk of WA and GLBTI Rights in Aging.

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